Furnished Housing Medford

Selling your home is a great thing especially considering how the economy has been lately. The only problem is that your new home will not be ready for about 30 days.

It seems ridiculous to rent an apartment and move all of your belongs for such a short period of time not to mention how hard it is to find an apartment that you can rent for just one month.

A hotel would be fine for a couple of nights but after that the lack of the niceties of home as well as the cramped living space would be too much for you. This is why furnished housing Medford is the best alternative for you and Furnished Living has exactly what you need.

As the industry leader, Furnished Living offers several luxury furnished housing Medford in incredible full service communities. How many bedrooms do you need?

If you are looking for 1 bedroom we have a couple of outstanding choices. First, our Meadow Wood property has amazing 1 bedroom lofts that offer you a fantastic floor plan that is affordable and very comfortable.

The other is our Charles Point property. This beautifully landscaped property will provide you with all the niceties of home. If 2 bedrooms are what you need we have a few choices there as well. Oakridge and Dover Ridge as well as Charles Point offer great floor plans that will give you the comfortable space that you need.

If you are in need of 3 bedrooms we have a beautiful home on Valley View Drive that will provide you with the best furnished housing Medford home for you and your family. We know what you need to feel right at home in your furnished housing Medford.

All of Furnished Living’s furnished housing Medford properties have full size kitchens with all of the essential provided for you to store, prepare, cook and dine on your meals. Each furnished housing Medford also has a washer and dryer to help you stay on top of your favorite chore. All the linens, towels and house wares are provided as well as utilities, internet, and cable or satellite TV.

Because our properties are located in full service communities, you will enjoy the benefits of having a pool, hot tub, workout center and in some locations tennis courts.

If this is something that you don’t normally have access to, this might even make your furnished housing Medford feel like a little bit of a vacation. We know what it takes to help you feel right at home.

Reserve your furnished housing Medford now!  Call 1-800-888-2940 and a representative will be ready to assist you. Furnished Living knows what you need and what it takes to help you feel right at home.